Salt Reduction

Sodium intake is on the minds of lawmakers, so it should be on yours too.

New York City and authorities in nearly 100 other municipalities and states have embraced the National Sodium Reduction Initiative (NSRI). These regulators see salt contributing to heart disease and are concerned that Americans consume too much of it. Last October, dozens of organizations, including the American Heart Association, the Oregon Health Authority and the Texas Medical Association urged the FDA to adopt sodium reduction strategies.

Whether by choice or legislative fiat, you’re almost certainly going to be looking to reduce sodium from your products in the near future. If you haven’t already.

But how do you replace it?

Potassium chloride, the popular and chemically healthy salt substitute, doesn’t taste good in all applications. Micro-milling salt for increased surface area is an option for dry products, but it’s not effective otherwise. The best solution seems to be using flavor enhancers to add umami and kokumi elements to products. Consumers look at labels but buy on taste, so the focus should be on keeping them from missing the taste of sodium once it’s gone. Our Yeast Extracts are delicious and healthy sodium alternatives.

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